Personalized Individual Therapy

Find Peace through a Safe Relationship

As a licensed professional clinical counselor working in Minnesota and California, I see therapy as an endeavor in which you and I work to explore obstacles in the way of your sense of peace. Painful relationships or critical self-judgments can block your resiliency and motivation to effect the changes you’d like to see in your life. I can offer you a way to think about yourself, in an environment of trust, which will help you to fully inhabit and direct your life.

The connection that develops between a therapist and patient is one of the building blocks in achieving self-reflection and awareness. This decision to enter into psychotherapy is a time of transition. It is a time and space without judgment and offers an opportunity to explore and define the difficulties that have kept you from becoming the person you’d like to be. Depression and anxiety, stress and disappointment can cloud our ability to see ourselves with compassion. Having this time together will allow us to explore your challenges while also looking to the future to develop a new awareness and perspective on life.

My goal as your therapist is to work with the whole person to elevate consciousness by teaching new principles and offering insights that were not available otherwise.  Together we will work to break self-sabotaging patterns in order to gain more alignment to start to live the life you deserve.

I have expertise in working with a wide variety of people and their symptoms.  This includes working with people who have experienced or are experiencing severe trauma, to those with general life challenges.  I am LGBTQ+ friendly.

I specialize in…

Stress and anxiety
Low self esteem and confidence
Domestic violence
Bipolar disorder
Relationships and family
Adult survivors of sexual abuse
Post-trauma stress (i.e. PTSD)

—I am personally acquainted with the military and the life of a military member and/or spouse with an emphasis in reconnecting after deployment or adjusting to civilian “life” again.