Couples and Family Therapy

Rebuild Your Connection

When performing couples counseling in Minneapolis or Los Angeles, my goal is to provide a place for couples to come and feel understood.  My goal is to take the fear out of expressing your wants and needs and to find greater synergy between couples for better self-expression and understanding.  Together we can rebuild your connection to feel closer and more understood.

Whether you’re fighting a lot or just feel as if things aren’t the way they used to be, by working with you as a couple I can help clarify what forces are behind the issues that both block and enhance your life together.

If you are looking for pre-marital, marital or relationship therapy, couples counseling can help because the principles used in couples work can be applied to all relationships – family, friends and business.

How I Can Help

We can explore what is involved in the patterns of how you relate to each other and to that end, some of the problems we may need to work on include:

Difficulty with Intimacy
Conflict resolution
Communication issues
Anger or resentment
Building Trust
Sexual issues