How Will I Know If The Time Is Right To Seek Therapy?

How Will I Know If The Time Is Right To Seek Therapy?

How will you know if it’s time for you to call a therapist or counselor? That’s a question many people grapple with in their lives.  It’s common to have good days and bad days, no doubt, especially during the holiday season, but what can you consider when you’re having a bad day that will help you know if the time is right to seek help?

The answer to that question is complex, but not because there is an algorhythm that you need to uncover, but because unfortunately, we live in a society that purports that we can just get over it.  Or that we can just force ourselves to not feel down or sad, defeated  and unfulfilled.  That is what is complex about the decision to seek help.  We carry a stigma about asking for help.

Well, I’m here to tell you that asking for help actually symbolizes strength and humility.  I shows that you are willing to look within yourself more deeply and discover what is driving your feelings.

So then, when is a good time to call a therapist and find support?  When you are feeling sad or blue more days than not or if you just aren’t seeing things the way you used to.  Maybe everyday tasks and responsibilities feel heavy and it takes more effort to complete them.  Also, perhaps you are quibbling more with your loved ones and can recognize that it is causing a negative atmosphere.

By seeking therapy you are saying to yourself, “I’m worth it and I owe it to those around me to know who I really am inside!”  You are recognizing that deep inside you want more and need some help finding it buried deep in there.  Therapy is a place where you can talk about anything and know that you will receive feedback from someone that cares and wants to help you find a better way to live and recognize what is holding you back.  A good time to seek therapy really is now for most people, but can you find the strength to admit that?