Why do I have Anxiety and can I get relief?

March 13, 2014

I have so many clients that come in telling me how stressed and anxious they are feeling.  Oftentimes, they are so consumed by the feelings that they can’t sleep, eat or interact with their friends and family.  Why, is the common plea they ask me and my answer is a simple one, I don’t know.  BUT, I will say that we can find out why, together and it is a very viable process that can sometimes quickly uncover the why.

First, from my clinical standpoint, much anxiety is based on childhood messages and experiences that unconsciously imprint in our minds about how to perceive the world around us.  Together, we can talk about and uncover that narrative and by recognizing, we can begin to make sense of what happens to us during these times.  We do this by recognizing, repeating and working through.  Eventually, the hope is that to work on this process, we can stop the repeat.

Second, it seems that oftentimes anxiety can simply be a place you’ve come to where there is no one to talk deeply to and the anxiety is just sadness showing its need for expression.  In therapy, together we can talk about life and how you are playing a part in, perhaps unconscious of how you are feeling day by day.

Lastly, but not least, we may never really know exactly why you have anxiety, but I think it’s very important to understand that that doesn’t matter so much as finding a way to express yourself, know yourself and feel understood.

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