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What is Trauma Focused Therapy? Trauma therapy is different from “typical” therapy only in that it oftentimes needs to work through many steps before growth can occur.  Therapy that isn’t trauma focused begins with the relationship and progresses as that relationship develops, where trauma therapy needs the relationship, but needs to work sooner on the existing trauma […]

Teenagers are historically difficult, but for many reasons, that isn’t enough to help parents feel better about their behavior. Teenagers are so full of angst, anxiety and are so preoccupied, its very easy to feel hurt by them.  We as parents so want to understand and connect with them and they trigger in us, feelings […]

I have never felt true depression but I work with it on a daily basis. Because I contain the feelings of my patients, I can honestly say that I can feel it through them.  Not everyone experiences it or feels it the same way but there seems to be one continuous theme from which they […]

I have so many clients that come in telling me how stressed and anxious they are feeling.  Oftentimes, they are so consumed by the feelings that they can’t sleep, eat or interact with their friends and family.  Why, is the common plea they ask me and my answer is a simple one, I don’t know. […]

How will you know if it’s time for you to call a therapist or counselor? That’s a question many people grapple with in their lives.  It’s common to have good days and bad days, no doubt, especially during the holiday season, but what can you consider when you’re having a bad day that will help […]